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We make designing and ordering your barn package easy!



Whether you need a barn for horses, alpacas, custom cars, or a unique barn home, we can help. Simply send us your design ideas or call us to discuss dimensions and intended uses. Sketches or even napkin drawings (coffee stains ok) are fine to get started. We will work with you to design a barn package that accomplishes your goals and is a beautiful addition to your property.

To add additional rustic charm to your barn, we offer a complete line of optional barn accessories such as cupolas, dormers, windows, and doors that will enhance the design. We use Western Red Cedar on all trims.

Some counties require "wet-stamped", engineered plans for a permit to be issued. If this is the case in your area be sure to include the snow-load, wind-load, exposure, frost depth, and seismic zone. Please check with the county building department to get this information. We can provide wet-stamped plans for most states. Download our   to ensure you get the correct information. We must have the home work form completed before we offer you a quote. High wind and snow loads can affect the structural design and the final package price.

The order process is simple and straight forward. Once we have arrived at a design you approve, we will provide you with a detailed quote, including shipping. If you want to move forward with your order, we require a 20% down payment to begin drafting and engineering. Once we complete the first draft of plans you will have a chance to review them and make changes before they are finalized. If a wet-stamp is required by your county planning department, any changes after stamping will incur extra cost. We do not include roofing and vinyl windows (if any) in our packages. We will work with you to find a local vendor. If you choose to go with composition shingle roofing you will want the materials to be roof loaded. Carrying very heavy bundles of comp shingles up a ladder is no fun!

We will work with you to arrange a ship date for the package. The balance of the package price needs to be paid prior to shipping. We allow you to hold back 2% of the package price to be used for any miscellaneous materials that might have been damaged or missing. A forklift will be required at the delivery site to unload the truck. Please take into consideration that a semi-truck needs access to your job-site and requires a large turn around area. Once you have received the package and had a chance to do an inventory, we ask that you send in the balance. 


 While building a barn isn't complex, there are several facets that require construction experience. If you have prior building experience, great! But being able to read plan sets along with having experience in the use of power saws, nail guns, ladders, and heavy equipment, etc. is important to avoid injury or worse. It is our recommendation that a skilled construction contractor be involved in your project to either assist you with the build or complete the project for you. Barn raisings were a common practice back in 1800's and still go on today in the Amish communities. It is a great opportunity to bring together neighbors, friends, and family to put many hands on the project and make quick work of building a new barn. A hearty meal and fun fellowship make a barn raising worth considering. There again, the person in charge should have extensive construction skills so the work can delegated and supervised. Even the kids can get involved by marking plywood and keeping the job-site clean. In researching contractors, complete your due diligence and confirm that they are licensed, bonded and insured. We have access to nationwide data bases that list licensed contractors and would be happy to help you with the search. Once your Legacy Mountain Barns project is complete, you'll definitely have BRAGGING RIGHTS among friends, neighbors, and family.